Student Evaluations

“Prof. Winsor encouraged a new way of thinking in me especially concerning literature. Instead of focusing solely on character and setting being two separate phenomena, I now focus more on characters being placed into a landscape. This landscape is not separate from the characters as they are intermingled and one influences the other and vice-versa.”

“She is very inclusive of all students. She is good at creating a positive environment in the classroom. She is good at asking questions and providing her insight in class discussions. Her feedback was also very nice and useful on all assignments. She worked to create a mix of activities in the classroom based on our suggestions which made the class more engaging.”

Professor Winsor “facilitated and directed well organized discussions, [she] utlitized numerous teaching technique[s] to facilitate our learning (visual, oral, written, etc), [and she] brought the class into perspective by discussing its relevance to current events.”

“Professor Winsor has clearly shown that she cares about her students growing as better writers and goes out off her way to help the best that she can. I felt that she really cared about me as a student.”

“The greatest strength is her ability to take our questions or concerns about a topic of interest and break it down into the essential details that we must understand in order to connect the historical context with the literature.”